Linking Professional Workspaces to Productive & Happy Employees

The workspace and office environment have a huge impact on employee productivity. A person’s mood depends greatly on the surroundings in which they operate, which then determines their level of productivity. Not all companies fully comprehend the connection between environment and output, but some corporate giants have not only understood the importance of office design but are reaping the benefits of employing a well-planned design.

Freedom of communication, a friendly environment, and great aesthetics reduce work stress and leads to higher levels of employee satisfaction and happiness. According to the 700-person experiment conducted by the Social Market Foundation in collaboration with CAGE; happiness increased productivity by 12% on an average, with the highest level of productivity calculated at 20%.

On average, an employee spends eight hours of each weekday at work. A place where a person spends a good chunk of their day is bound to have an impact on them. A conventional office structure, mundane interiors, dull lighting, and lifeless walls kill productivity faster than you can imagine. While a lively office with good lighting, a vivid color scheme, cool tech and innovation in an aesthetically pleasing design encourages creativity and uplifts the employees’ mood, allowing them to be more productive.

Color psychology plays a big role in design; each color instills different emotions in a person. Warmer hues tend to inspire feelings of happiness and energize a person, while dark or dull shades are generally associated with feelings of somberness. Thus, it is wise to consider color psychology when finalizing a color scheme for your office.

Furthermore, you should consider allowing a little play in place of some of the traditional office furniture and decorations. While you don’t have to opt for graffiti on your walls, beanbags in the break room and a human chessboard, you can definitely allow for a design and décor that provide comfort and furniture that creates a laid-back atmosphere and a sentiment of fun. Why fun you ask? An effective workspace is also linked to employees’ energy levels. A good working environment with energized employees allows for impromptu decision-making, quicker completion of assignments, and better working quality.

While not every industry allows for this design, there are ways you can bring elements of it into the office environment even in a seamlessly professional way.

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