Products for Ergonomic Offices

As managers continue to realize the potential health risks that come from prolonged periods of sitting, more companies are trying to do whatever possible to make their workplaces a healthier space for their employees. Ergonomics in the office place is about transforming the lifestyle of your workers into a more natural and comfortable one – and hopefully – achieve greater efficiency and productivity in the process.

One product that’s becoming increasingly popular in corporate offices is that of floating desks. Alongside other workstations that are height-adjustable, floating desks can be adjusted to standing height, allowing an employee to take frequent breaks from sitting for several hours a day. With some studies showing that up to seventy-four percent of workers experience pain in one way or another at their desks on a frequent basis, being able to stand periodically is a great way to reduce lower-back pain.

Another important method for reducing the somewhat inevitable discomforts of prolonged sitting, is to utilize better chairs. Ergonomic chairs can help prevent aches and pains in many ways; by conforming to each worker’s specific shape, supporting the spine, and by keeping tissues and joints in a neutral position, the pressure to the spine is subdued. A proper ergonomic chair can make all the difference when it comes to productivity and less sick days.

One of the more interesting products out there is the Rocking Foot Machine. The idea of this product is to keep your feet off the ground relieving stress from the lower back, increasing circulation and getting some of your daily movement in. For those with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) your worries are now a thing of the past.

Finally, an adjustable monitor arm can make all the difference by allowing you to adjust your screen in a way that doesn’t cause you to lean in, arch or take any other unnatural shapes. This relieves stress, helps to relax muscles and encourages blood flow as it gets you sitting properly.

Comfortable and calm employees are undoubtedly the most productive ones. By incorporating these products in a wholistic approach, companies can enjoy having higher levels of happiness and health among their workforce.

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