Trading Desks

It’s not a desk. Its your traders position.

High density user & technology workstations concentrated within an open plan that promotes synergy between traders & collaborative work groups.

Keeping it simple means:

  • Using the absolute best extruded materials and hardware sets for unbeatable fit, finish and long lasting durability

  • Delivering standalone factory assembled product eliminating costly field installation keeping more of your investment in product; not its set up

  • Ultralow boxing and cardboard content eliminating the wasteful cost of debris removal and environmental impact

  • On the fly ability to move and change without needing to knock down or day two ordering for additional support common to ordinary benching systems

Trading desk variants

The true potential of our products lies in customization. Select the variant that best suits your needs.


Common flush pole up monitor rail

Integrated access rail

Standalone vertebrae spline

CIMA Hybrid

Height Adjustable

Increased Productivity

Open Concept


Unique layout


Delivered factory assembled


Low profile


MonoBeam monitor arm and accessory rail

FORZA Hybrid

Unique layout


Delivered factory assembled

TriSTAR Hybrid

Low profile


MonoBeam monitor arm and accessory rail


CPU Management

Power & Data Solutions

Height Adjustable

Fixed Worksurfaces

Worksurface Returns

File & Storage

Privacy Options

Monitor Management

The essentials of added value with:

  • Available integrated MonoBeam center spline

  • 1¼” thick work surfaces with a variety of cable management cord drop features

  • High capacity Cablofil® cable trays for any power/data cable distribution scenario

  • Available plug & play modular power harness systems

  • Available desktop power/data/audio convenience centers

  • Various available file and storage options

  • All available in a variety of color, finishes and materials that fit your design intent