About LaCOUR


LaCOUR is a third generation 100% vertically integrated manufacturer of specialty furniture solutions for the most discerning clientele in the world today.

We are committed to listening to each and every customer’s objectives and then offering solutions that fits each clients’ needs on a one to one basis.

Environmental Stewardship

LaCOUR applies an economical, practical approach to sustainability. We believe reducing waste not only “saves the environment” but time and money too.

  • Extremely low cartoning & protection during deliveries
  • FSC certified wood and greenboard products
  • Local material sourcing and manufacturing


Originally founded in 1967, Ray LaCour Associates provided design consultation and custom architectural products to the A&D community. Today, LaCOUR, Inc. under the leadership of Paul LaCour, has since amassed numerous patents and design recognition. We own and maintain our own 100% vertically integrated manufacturing facility in the heart of the New York Metropolitan Area. Our reach has spread across the globe; not just through sales and marketing, but as a direct result of our nearly fifty year reputation for hands on personal attention to detail, service and quality.