The Benefits of Open Office Benching

Offices in the 21st century look strikingly different from the cubicle-driven workplaces that were so common for most of the 20th century. As companies sought new ways of fostering a stronger sense of team-spirit and communication, removing the physical barriers between employees was one of the first ideas to come along. These office furniture workstations, also referred to as bench desks or open office benching, are common in a variety of business environments.

There are quite a few upsides to office benches. With walls literally coming down between oneself and other coworkers, it becomes much easier to have conversations and communicate with each other. Not only does this have the effect of improving morale between co-workers, but it helps the flow of information between tasks, teams, and departments, and removes redundancies – after all, the person you need to talk to could be just across from your table.

These types of office arrangements are also more modular, able to quickly be reconfigured again for different setups to support ever-changing office needs. Although standard cubicle offices have some degree of flexibility, they take up way more space. For managers and owners from start-ups to fortune 500’s, office benches are among the most efficient use of your workspace, creating engagement through adaptability.

If you are having any reservations about an open concept workspace, it is realized that some departments or individuals of a business may require a bit more independence and privacy. Open Office Benching however, can still be a good addition to the current workspace by segregating it to an area of the office that is dedicated to team building, meetings and other creative or strategic sessions. Allowing the separation of the two spaces, still supports independent and team meetings without disrupting other employees.

For those businesses that have integrated teams and value or require lots of engagement and communication, this piece of office furniture could be the perfect fit.

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