The Best in Class Process to choosing the Right Office Workspaces for Your Needs

Businesses need to refresh their workspaces for a variety of reasons including attracting and retaining top talent, renewing expired leases, promoting a healthy work culture, improving communication, bettering the use of their space and many more. While these reasons are all very good, it might feel a little daunting to take on this overwhelming task.

Finding the right furniture manufacturer significantly eases the burden, and it also adds value to a company throughout the refresh process or office move.

Provide Space Solutions Customized To Fit Your Needs

A furniture manufacturer should provide tailored and informed solutions based on product knowledge, experience and consultation with Architectural and Design personnel. Every customer has different furnishing needs and the right provider will listen to you, understand your needs and help you to complete your workspace goals while working within your budget. When done right this will ensure your workspace becomes an efficient and inspiring environment for all staff.

Have An Experienced Team You Can Trust

Working with a professional furniture manufacturer should make the refresh or move process as easy and effortless as possible. From brainstorming to design and installation there should be enough dialogue and consult to arrive at the best solution for your needs. With a team of experts willing to help, you should have all the answers you require at your fingertips. We can’t suggest it enough, this means listening to the customers!!

Ideally, there are 4 steps to a flawless process that will meet your Workspace Furniture Needs:


Your furniture manufacturer should understand and evaluate your furniture needs, first by working as a consultant. During the evaluation process, it is important to consider the type of furniture required by listening and providing available options. The physical properties of the office technology, the mechanical and other internal aspects of the space will all play a factor in this. And of course, a discussion around schedule, design, and budget needs is imperative to an effective evaluation.


Once the key decisions are made through the evaluation process, it is back to the drawing board so to say. The manufacturer will work with the customer to bring everything together, highlighting the varying needs by the users. Through this part of the process renderings and design animations will be created, budgets, logistics and schedules will be discussed and finalized.

Order Processing, Installation, and Delivery

Order processing is a very crucial part of the process which defines the efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturer. Shop drawings are completed and submitted for review and approval. This is where critical field dimensions are identified and incorporated into furniture plans. A customer should also approve samples, provide power/data requirements onsite and then finally the manufacturing can be completed after all these authorizations are in place.

Upon delivery, the process comes to a close quickly, as any factory assembled products do not require installation!

While the process can seem overwhelming, with the right team and manufacturer, the transition should be seamless and stress-free.

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