The Revolution is here: Make Treadmills a Fixture in Your Office

The treadmill desk is a revolutionary invention and it also changes the way we work. When you integrate a treadmill into your office environment, you quickly transform your lifestyle to healthy and active. Instead of sitting for the whole day, you can easily make the choice to walk or run while you work. Let’s be honest you might not be able to do all tasks on a treadmill, but you can definitely begin to plan it into some of your tasks or at the very least work it into your lunch break. If nothing more it will save you time and money going to and from the gym.

While you might think this is an unnecessary addition to the office, there are some benefits that should be considered.

Charge Your Mood

While it is common knowledge that exercise is important for your health and strength, there is strong research proving the importance and connection between exercise and mental health. It is proven that exercise can be effective in treating minor depression. How does this translate to the job? Not only does it keep your employees thinking positively, it also helps to effectively deal with stress, tension and anxiety by increasing your serotonin (your happiness neurotransmitter). Happy employees equal happy employers!

Boost Productivity

Productivity can also be increased through exercise. The area of the brain responsible for helping you make decisions is called the Ventral Prefrontal Cortex. Exercise is responsible for activating this area of your brain and in turn helps employees to make more clear and informed decisions. It doesn’t stop there either as memory is also be improved, both holding onto new ideas and recovering old ones can help boost an employee’s productivity as well.

Maintain Physical Health

For those employees who already have a health regiment, having a treadmill will help maintain and simplify their fitness schedules. For those that do not exercise frequently, this could be a game changer and encourage a fresh start to a healthy future. Another benefit that employees can experience is the pain-reducing advantages of exercise. This will also help with productivity in the long run.

The treadmill is a revolutionary addition to the office by encouraging a healthy, strong, and active lifestyle as well as promoting happy and motivated employees.

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