Why Adjustable Desk Heights Are Essential For A Quality Working Environment

A major trending topic in the world of office culture today, is that of ergonomics. There is an abundance of products that cater to an ergonomically friendly work environment, and high on that list of items is the Sit Stand desk. In contrast to the traditional sitting desks that have been integral to office-life for the past century, research is beginning to uncover the risks related to prolonged periods of sitting – and why adjustable height desks can help solve them.

Many research institutions praise the Sit Stand desk for its ability to combat a sedentary lifestyle, which is often the reality for most office bound employees. Diabetes, weight gain, back problems, and heart troubles are some of the chronic issues attributed to this reality. Now enter Height Adjustable desks. Being able to stand up periodically allows one to drastically mitigate these health issues, instead of allowing muscles to remain idle, the Sit Stand desk encourages the body to exert more energy and increase one’s heart and metabolic rates. The ability to move more freely, even engage in some lower body exercises while working, promotes comfort & productivity by stimulating mental & physical activity.

Another common problem associated with being seated frequently is lower back pain. Remaining seated for a greater portion of the day can cause the joints and muscles in the back to become stiff and weak. This is caused by additional pressure on the lumbar, when the spine changes from its natural S shape to the seated C shape; and by not activating those muscles during the day, they lose their strength capacity. Desks with adjustable heights provide people the chance to stand up and shift this burden to their feet – providing relief to their backs and the opportunity to engage their muscles.

Other benefits of these desks include maintaining proper postural alignment and eye-health. When in the standing position, the spine can adjust to its natural S shape as noted above. Similarly, when standing the body does not commonly lean into the monitor, allowing the eyes to remain at an optimal distance. Maintaining this ideal position overall reduces strain not only on back and eye muscles, but in the neck as well which can be the cause on many other issues including eye-fatigue and tension headaches.

As companies continue to move toward more ergonomic workstations, the adjustable height desk will more than likely become the mainstay of health-conscious offices to maintain overall physiological and biological health.

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