Why Standardized Furniture Might Be All You Need

In a time where customization and individuality in office furniture has become all the rage, office managers and interior designers have begun to consider the merits of an entirely different approach to office workflow systems – standardized furniture.

Typically, a guideline for standardized office furniture is created in partnership with the office manager. The idea is that by establishing a consistent furniture program that has been pre-approved, individual departments and employee groups can still make creative modifications to their workspace while complying with various corporate standards and regulations as well as budget guidelines.

Rather than crush innovative office designs, standardized furniture strives to meld the best of both worlds – still retaining the freedom for creative intent, it remains within the boundaries of a pre-approved budget and various standards. In this way, it gives peace of mind knowing there won’t be any sudden surprises.

Third party members, such as interior decorators, designers, and anyone else that coordinates workflow systems, can find value in this furniture. Besides the interior design world, those who externally build office spaces such as architects and civil engineers can appreciate standardized furniture as well. If they are aware in advance of the specifications of the furniture that will be used, they can design spaces that are especially suited for the infrastructure that will become the workspaces.

Companies that are looking for a way to streamline and organize their workflow systems across locations and departments, while maintaining the creativity of their offices, should be able to appreciate the value that standardized furniture brings to their environment.

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